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Increasing our confidence as stuttering therapists

A colleague mentioned that she wasn’t feeling confident about working with a new child who stutters on her caseload. This prompted me to think a bit… Actually, I spend quite a lot of time thinking and writing about the confidence challenges that speech-language pathologists face when working with children who stutter. I have long wondered about how we can help to increase clinicians' sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy surrounding stuttering,

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The Most Important Resolution

Yesterday, I was thinking about how exploring New Year's resolutions with our clients can give them the opportunity to talk about their goals--and that understanding their goals can help us to guide them toward greater success, both in and out of therapy.

Today, I am thinking a bit more about what we can do when we find that our clients are struggling. First, it's important to recognize that struggling during

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New Year's Resolutions

As we ring in the new year, many of us like to take a few moments to reflect on where we've been and plan for where we'd like to go in the year ahead. Setting New Year's resolutions may seem like a cliché, but it's always a good idea to take stock of progress and to make sure that we are headed in the right direction in therapy.

So, this week,

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How long do we wait?

Happy 2018!

I’m just sitting here watching some more snow fall while I archive my emails from 2017. The biggest folder in my mailbox is the one where I keep all of the questions that I receive from clinicians and families about stuttering. I am often struck by just how much uncertainty there is about stuttering, and I am pleased when I can offer some words of comfort or guidance

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Stuttering on the holidays

Sitting here on a lovely, snowy, Christmas morning in Michigan thinking about all of the excitement that goes with the holidays...

As wonderful as this is, it can sometimes cause some stress for parents, who may worry when they see their children stuttering more when they get worked up. We can help parents through this time by reminding them that this is normal and expected--and that their child's joy during

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Talk about stuttering with preschoolers?

A speech-language pathologist asked, "Is it appropriate to talk about stuttering with preschool children?"

This is actually one of the most common questions we are asked. For years, speech-language pathologists were hesitant to talk about stuttering with young children--even going so far as to avoid the word "stuttering" altogether! Much of the fear that clinicians have about discussing stuttering with children stems from an old theory (the so-called "diagnosogenic

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New! STR Practical Thoughts

To start 2018, Stuttering Therapy Resources is offering a new website feature: Practical Thoughts! These brief blog and video entries will include tidbits, musings, ideas, and advice about helping people who stutter.

We'll still publish our long-form Practical Tips and Practical Videos (look under Resources on our website), as well as our tweets and facebook content. Practical Thoughts are just one more way we seek to help speech-language pathologists help

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