OASES-S (Ages 7-12) Response Forms - ENGLISH (Printed - 25 forms)



The OASES-S Response Form pack contains 25 printed response forms for the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering for school-age children (ages 7 to 12).

The record form includes 60 items in 4 sections:

  • General information about a child's perceptions of stuttering
  • Affective, behavioral, and cognitive reactions to stuttering (feelings, actions, thoughts)
  • Functional communication difficulties in key situations (at home, at school, in social situations, and in general)
  • Impact of stuttering on the child's quality of life

All OASES users need an OASES Technical/Scoring Manual for scoring and interpretation. The manual includes numerous interpretive summaries that help clinicians understand how the numerical results from the OASES may relate to their clients' experience of stuttering. The text from the interpretive paragraphs can be used directly in diagnostic evaluation summaries and progress reports to document the impact of stuttering.

OASES Response Forms are also available for other age groups:

  • OASES-A (Adult) for ages 18 and above-
  • OASES-T (Teenage) for ages 13-17

For more detailed information about the OASES, click here.

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