Minimizing Bullying Workbook for Teachers

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Order refills of Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter: A Workbook for Teachers and School Administrators so you can give one to each person involved in a your client's education. This information will help them understand and support your therapy plan throughout the school!

Special features:

  • Written specifically for teachers, to prepare them to become active, helpful partners in your therapy plan
  • Includes background information about stuttering and the unique challenge of bullying for children who stutter
  • Helps school personnel understand the goals of therapy and the many ways you are helping students overcome the challenges of stuttering and bullying
  • Contains worksheets and descriptions of therapy goals, activities, and resources just for educators
  • Includes a special section for school administrators
  • Addresses current topics such as cyberbullying, helping bullies, reacting to stuttering in the classroom, and more

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