Minimizing Bullying Workbook for Parents

$6.18 each for 3 or more


Order refills of our Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter: A Workbook for Parents so you can give one to parents of every client who stutters. Workbook materials help parents support your therapy plan by learning to talk to their child about bullying and by building the child's self-esteem at home and in other settings.

Special features:

  • Written for parents, in accessible language that helps them become active, helpful partners in therapy
  • Helps parents understand the goals of therapy and the many ways you are helping their children overcome the challenges of stuttering and bullying
  • Includes education, therapy goals, activities, and resources just for parents of children who stutter
  • Addresses current topics such as cyberbullying, building self-esteem, support groups, and more.

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