Early Childhood Stuttering: Information and Support for Parents



By Nina Reeves and J. Scott Yaruss

This 52-page booklet is designed to reduce the fears and concerns often expressed by parents of young children who stutter.

Written specifically for parents, this helpful booklet provides important background information about stuttering that will support parents in making appropriate decisions about whether and when to seek an evaluation or treatment.

The material is presented in the form of a 5-step plan:

  • Don't Panic! When a young child starts to stutter, it can be a frightening experience for family members. The goal of the first section is to put parents' minds at ease by providing an overview of the many types of assistance that are available for children who stutter.
  • Get Informed: As parents begin to address their child's stuttering, they will be faced with many decisions. The second section provides specific background knowledge parents need in order to make informed decisions that will help their child.
  • Get Help: There are many resources available for parents of childen who stutter. The third sections discusses these resources and provides parents with an overview of what to expect when they connect with them.
  • Get Started. Section 4 contains specific suggestions about how parents can start helping their child right away. The section also contains advice about how parents can respond when their child stutters and how to encourage family members and others to work together to help the child.
  • Get Support: The final section contains stories written by parents of children who stutter. These first-hand reflections can help parents recognize that they are not alone in their feelings regarding their child's speech.

Our goal in preparing this booklet is to prepare parents to support their children, while simultaneously reducing parents' own fears. We hope that you will share this booklet with the parents of young children who stutter and help them know that there is hope for their child--and themselves!