School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide


school-age stuttering therapy
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By Nina Reardon-Reeves and J. Scott Yaruss
ISBN: 978-0-9837538-0-3

All forms and summary sheets are now available in Spanish - see formas y hojas de resumen en español.


This authoritative guide teaches speech-language pathologists to successfully work with school-age children and adolescents who stutter. Written by stuttering specialists, School-Age Stuttering Therapy is packed with practical knowledge to step you through the entire intervention process--from assessment, to treatment, and on to long-term follow-up. Using a conversational style, the text balances scholarly rationale with real-world examples and activities to help you build understanding while staying focused on useful skills. This 295-page, spiral-bound manual includes examples from the authors' practices, numerous sample goals, engaging therapy activities, and 50 pages of reproducible worksheets and forms so you can use our creative and effective strategies right away.

For clinicians working with children and teens ages 6 to 18 in public schools, private practice, and hospital settings. Appropriate for graduate students, practicing clinicians, and experienced specialists.

Learn How to...

  • Meet eligibility requirements and qualify children for therapy using our detailed assessment guidelines.
  • Implement the principles of evidence-based practice (EBP) using proven therapy techniques.
  • Write attainable goals and document success throughout the treatment process.
  • Treat all aspects of stuttering using concrete strategies to improve fluency, reduce negative reactions, and minimize adverse impact.
  • Engage children in the therapy process with our easy-to-use worksheets and activities.
  • Build a team to support children in and out of the classroom by involving parents, teachers, and peers in therapy.
  • Overcome common fears about working with children who stutter, and build confidence in your therapy skills.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Help! This Child Stutters
Chapter 2: How Do I Begin?
Chapter 3: How Do I Know If He Needs Treatment?
Chapter 4: He Needs Treatment—Now What?
Chapter 5: Setting the Stage for Therapy
Chapter 6: Okay, I Need to Help Him Change His Stuttering. How Do I Do It?
Chapter 7: How Can I Help Him Speak More Fluently?
Chapter 8: What about That Stuttering Iceberg?
Chapter 9: He’s Learning to Manage Stuttering, but He Still Can’t Communicate!
Chapter 10: No Child Is an Island
Chapter 11: It Sounds Good on Paper, but What about in the Real World?
Chapter 12: Bringing It All Together
Conclusion: You CAN Help School-Age Children Who Stutter

Examples of FORMS & WORKSHEETS that you can use in therapy

Old Thinking - New Thinking
Think, Feel, Have, Do
Speech Disfluency Count Sheet
Portfolio Documentation Worksheet
Evaluation Summary
Speech Vacation Plan
I Can Solve Problems!
Practice, Practice, Practice
Speech Tool Progress Chart

Examples of CHECKING IN forms for data collection

CHECKING IN about Your Child’s Stuttering
CHECKING IN about Your Previous Speech Therapy
CHECKING IN with Teachers
CHECKING IN about Your Stuttering
CHECKING IN about the Classroom
CHECKING IN about Bullying

Examples of SUMMARY SHEETS for teaching strategies

Pull-out / Slide-out / Easing Out
Preparatory Set / Easing In
Voluntary Stuttering / Pseudostuttering
Easy Start
Light Contact
Pausing and Phrasing
Eye Contact
Handling Time Pressure

And More! 294 pages.
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