OASES: Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering - Dutch (Electronic)

To save international shipping charges, non-English versions of the OASES are published as protected electronic files (like PDFs), which customers use to print an authorized number of copies from their own computers. When you purchase an electronic product, we will email instructions and the following files within three business days:

  1. the protected electronic file
  2. a link to download the free file-viewing software
  3. a personalized license for use on two computers.

Electronic Response Forms for the Dutch versions of the OASES-A are sold in sets of 25 authorized prints. (OASES-S and OASES-T record forms are coming soon.) Photocopying or other reproduction is prohibited. 

The OASES Technical/Scoring Manual, available in English only, provides detailed instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting all OASES Response Forms. The electronic version offers unlimited viewing and one authorized print. All OASES users need a manual to ensure appropriate use and application of the tool.

Thank you to our translation partners for their excellent scholarly work:

dr. Marie-Christine Franken, klinisch linguïst, logopedist-stottertherapeut
dr. Caroline de Sonneville-Koedoot, spraak-taalpatholoog - logopedist
Jan Bouwen, logopedist-stottertherapeut
Nadja Brocatus, logopedist-stottertherapeut
Carl Hylebos, logopedist-stottertherapeut