OASES: Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering


The Overall Assessment of the Speaker’s Experience of Stuttering (OASES) protocol measures the impact of stuttering on a person’s life. This easy-to-use instrument is designed to be used throughout the diagnostic and treatment process to show how stuttering affects your clients. The OASES is also valuable for research evaluating treatment outcomes. 

Unlike other instruments, which focus mainly on the observable stuttering events, this brief, yet comprehensive self-report measure allows you to assess the impact of stuttering in multiple life situations. The evidence-based OASES, which is founded upon a solid theoretical framework, supports your clinical decision-making for providing diagnoses, qualifying individuals for therapy, justifying third-party payment, documenting change in therapy, and evaluating treatment efficacy.

OASES Components (click titles to order)

The OASES Technical/Scoring Manual ($56 print / $61 electronic) provides detailed instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting the OASES. This includes numerous "interpretive summaries" that explain how OASES scores relate to the experiences of those who stutter. All OASES users should have a manual in order to ensure accurate scoring and to support report-writing and documentation.

The OASES record forms are available for 3 age groups: 

  • OASES-A (Adult) for individuals ages 18 and above
  • OASES-T (Teenage) for teenages ages 13-17
  • OASES-S (School-Age) for children ages 7-12

Each is available in printed format for $45 for a pack of 25 record forms and in electronic format (print-your-own) for $51 for 25 prints.

International Electronic Versions

The OASES has been validated for use in numerous languages and countries. These international versions and translations are available in electronic format to minimize shipping costs. Follow the links below to order translations and OASES products for international use.