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How do I screen a preschooler or young school-age child who stutters?

Question: I’ve been asked to screen a preschool/young school-age child who stutters. What test should I use?!?

Answer: Often, clinicians are asked to look at a young child who stutters to see if he is stuttering. Parents, teachers, and others may observe disruptions in a child’s speech and wonder what should be done.

For preschool and young school-age children (between the ages of about 2 and 6), the question of

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Answering SUMMIT questions

Welcome SUMMIT participants! I want to thank you for all your entusiasm and desire to learn more about stuttering during the SLP Summit, August 2018. There was an overwhelming response to my preesntation-both during the live session and during the weeks of replay opportunities! 

School has begun, and I am back at my desk feverishly trying to answer emails, Q & A questions and other requests. So many of you

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What if a school-age child is not aware of stuttering?

A clinician recently asked about a 5th grade student who stutters. She indicated that he does not seem to be very aware of when he stutters. He will sometimes say that he hasn’t stuttered in a long time, even though his observable stuttering is quite noticeable to listeners.

Awareness is one of the biggest challenges we face in stuttering therapy. One the one hand, we want the child to be

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Child is stuttering? Try this one weird trick!

I’ve been spending a bit of time on the various Facebook groups for speech-language pathologists, lately. These groups can be a great resource for clinicians seeking input and advice from their colleagues about how to handle challenging situations, and I’ve enjoyed the conversations I’ve had there. That said, there is one thing about the Facebook exchanges that really bothers me, and I feel the need to rant a bit about it,

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Measuring adverse impact in a child whose stuttering seems to be "mild"

A recent blog post asked about how we can measure educational impact for a child who appears to stutter only mildly. This is one of my favorite questions, because it's one of the topics my research has addressed over the past 20 years.

Educational and social impact of stuttering can be directly measured through tools such as the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES; Yaruss & Quesal,

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