International Stuttering Awareness Day: Did I miss it?

NO!  You didn't "miss it!" Don't think of ISAD as a "day." Think of it as an opportunity to make a difference - no matter what the calendar says! 

In the stuttering community, we take the whole week (truthfully the month of October) to spread awareness about stuttering! [Then we will do the same thing in May.]

So, if you haven't had the chance to "plan something" to celebrate 2018 ISAD, don't despair! Head on over to our Facebook page for links and ideas to keep the advocacy and awareness spirit going. 

We have a lot of work to do, so take every opportunity!  Right now, Scott Yaruss is with Virginia Yaruss while presenting in Hong Kong, and Nina Reeves is pseudo-stuttering for the whole day on her way back from Sonoma County after a presentation at the SELPA there. Lee Reeves is joining in the experience by being her videographer to catch some of the experiences. We are always on a stuttering adventure of some sort here at Stuttering Therapy Resources! 

Before you go, don't forget to scroll down on this page for blogs related to many of your frequently asked questions about stutteirng and stuttering therapy.

FINALLY, we have an exciting new resources that is coming soon! More about that in our next blog! :) 

Nina Reeves

Written by : Nina Reeves

Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP is a staff fluency specialist at Frisco ISD in Texas and fluency specialist consultant for San Diego Unified Schools. She focuses her private practice on children and adolescents who stutter and their families. Nina is a presenter and author, volunteering her time for both the National Stuttering Association and the Stuttering Foundation. Her more recent works include Early Childhood Stuttering: A Practical Guide, School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide, the Minimizing Bullying program, and more (all published by Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.