Answering SUMMIT questions

Welcome SUMMIT participants! I want to thank you for all your entusiasm and desire to learn more about stuttering during the SLP Summit, August 2018. There was an overwhelming response to my preesntation-both during the live session and during the weeks of replay opportunities! 

School has begun, and I am back at my desk feverishly trying to answer emails, Q & A questions and other requests. So many of you had questions of the "category" that I decided to answer them through blog posts - so everyone can benefit! Bookmark this site, as this is the place to return and find answers and resources that help increase your confidence in providing effecitve stuttering therapy!

The good news is that we already have Practical Thoughts, Practical Tip Handouts and Practical Talk Videos that can give insight into many of your queries, so please wander around the site to locate what we have to offer. 

In the coming weeks, check back here for more on goals, eligibilty, dismissal, concomitant disorders and more! 

Finally, don't forget that we have authored comprehensive, practical resources on early childhood and school age stuttering therapy, as well as how to collaborate with teachers and how to help minimize bullying and teasing for your students who stutter. 

I'll be back soon with more infomation!  Stay stuned! 

Nina Reeves

Written by : Nina Reeves

Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP is a staff fluency specialist at Frisco ISD in Texas and fluency specialist consultant for San Diego Unified Schools. She focuses her private practice on children and adolescents who stutter and their families. Nina is a presenter and author, volunteering her time for both the National Stuttering Association and the Stuttering Foundation. Her more recent works include Early Childhood Stuttering: A Practical Guide, School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide, the Minimizing Bullying program, and more (all published by Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.