Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc., is a specialty publishing company dedicated to helping speech-language pathologists increase their confidence in working with people who stutter. Our books are filled with real-world, practical ideas that SLPs can use immediately in treatment to help their students and clients overcome the burden of stuttering. Our authors, including co-owners Nina Reeves and J. Scott Yaruss, are clinical specialists with extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of stuttering in people of all ages. All of our materials are developed with you in mind—offering the highest quality at affordable prices, all tailored to the everyday clinical needs of practicing speech-language pathologists.



J. Scott Yaruss, President, Co-owner, Author

Scott is a dedicated researcher-clinician, a prolific writer, and the editor for Stuttering Therapy Resources. Scott loves metaphors and analogies, as well as flow charts and box-and-line diagrams. In addition to serving as an Associate Professor and Director of the Master's Degree programs in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh, Scott maintains a private practice and frequently provides workshops on stuttering and counseling strategies for Speech-Language Pathologists around the globe. He is an ASHA Fellow and recipient of the National Stuttering Association's Speech-Language Pathologist of the Year award. Information about Scott’s practice and seminars can be found at www.Yaruss.com.


Nina A. Reeves, Vice President, Co-owner, Author

Nina is the creative clinical and marketing persona of the Stuttering Therapy Resources team. She loves to develop practical, innovative therapy activities and forms to streamline workload management. Nina currently serves as staff fluency specialist for several school districts near Dallas, Texas. Her private practice is dedicated to children and adolescents who stutter, and she travels extensively, presenting training workshops on topics related to fluency disorders. Nina's contributions to service delivery in the schools was recognized with the 2013 Rolland Van Hattum Award for Contributions in the Schools from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. She is also a recipient of the National Stuttering Association's Hall of Fame and Speech-Language Pathologist of the Year awards. Information about Nina’s practice and seminars can be found at www.NinaReeves.com.


Lee Reeves, Treasurer

Lee brings his business acumen to Stuttering Therapy Resources. Lee is a successful Veterinarian, a person who stutters, and a staunch advocate for kids and adults who stutter. He is a recipient of the National Stuttering Association’s Hall of Fame award and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Distinguished Service Award.


Virginia Yaruss, Designer

Virginia is the layout, graphics, and production expert for our team. With many years of experience in publishing, Virginia is also an elementary school teacher who has specialized in mathematics and reading.